If you have very light or faint eyebrows could be no eyebrows at all, or partial eyebrows, the cosmetic tattoo special treatment can help and change your life. A lip tattoo treatment reduces lipstick bleeds and provides you nice definition to your lip line. With a natural colored lip tattoo, special treatment lip scars disappear, plus you can say to lipstick bye-bye. After an eyeliner tattoo treatment,. Permanent makeups in Beverly Hills’ 



​great looking pink red lips, more then perfect shaped eyebrows, and nice looking eyeliner. Permanent makeup in beverly hills holds the promise and guaranty you that you can work all day, go to the gym and have fun, dance all night, and wake up in the morning with great nice perfect makeup in place. Nothing will phase these cosmetic tattoos.In the hands of a pro tattoo artist the procedures are safe. 

Full Lip​


Permanent makeup for full lip is the best and most popular
face enhancement the permanent makeup natural lip color procedure performed as full lip natural color or performed as lip liner enhancement to the it is giving to the lips back the definition that has been lost due to aging. Using special color blending the lips can be made to appear much fuller and nicer. Uniq natural blended technique to give a fuller great look


Scar Camouflage​

Scars no longer permanent, Scar camouflage and scar correction specific technique has improved with the development of very unique
techniques and pigments which can make the scar 90% invisible. This can only be achieved by a great tattoo artist knows how to apply the proper knowledge and
using number of tones and implantation of special method

Permanent Makeup in Beverly Hills -  How we Do It

​​Our new clinic permanent makeup in Beverly Hills Our clinic and me generate a great formulas and  fantastic treatment to create skin renewal, and to cut down inflammation tenderness  and one of the main thing is to clears acne and bacteria, after long time of creating the proper environment we have the best way to nourishes and maintain healthy skin, this formula can help when you taking care of your Eyebrows, Eyeliner ,Scars that you have, we want you to be educate about it before you do any step, contact us and we will provide you with more informationour service.

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Permanent Makeup in Beverly Hills Services

Permanent Makeup in Beverly Hills

 Outstanding permanent makeup clinic, we the services the aria of Los Angeles, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Brentwood Village and the Santa Monica, California Area.

Permanent makeup is great treatment very unique of a non-surgical or in other name micro-procedure micro-pigmentation. Micro-pigmentation is known as permanent cosmetics treatment, it is very special process of inserting in very fine way natural colored pigments beneath the skin's surface. The insertion of the natural organic color reaches only the papillary layer of the dermis; very small droplets of custom made blended of few colors are carefully deposited into the first dermal layer of skin to simulate very fine natural look makeup. This process is very selective art form of most normal and regular old School tattooing, in which the natural features of the face are enhanced nicely and defined in the form of permanent  Full Lip Color Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lip Scar, camouflage, Eyebrows, Full Liner and Lip Reduction 

8 Reasons women and men benefit from permanent make up

Try to Imagine that you are getting up in the morning without having to be worry about. fussing over makeup or hiding skin imperfections ,Women that have difficulty applying make up because of vision problem or physical limitations women with allergies to specific cosmetics or eyes tear from hay fever women with active lifestyles that need to save time and be on the run,  can wake up with ready makeup and can live home immediate, eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color avoiding the daily chore and, challenge of applying make up women with very little hair or maybe no hair in their eyebrows ,some women that has blonde hair that have no definition of color on their eyebrows,women who want to a fuller beautiful lips or change the shape of their lips or eyebrows benefit of changing your look, Lip Reduction, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lip, Scar Camouflage, Eyebrow,s Full Liner Lip Color. 

What is Micro pigmentation?

Permanent makeup is a very specific way of a cosmetic technique to employs tattoos it is means of producing designs that resemble very specific way the makeup for eye-lining and other permanent unique enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids this is Micro pigmentation process Technique.

​​what is Oxygen Infusion Treatments?

Clinical Skin Treatments This treatment is above all and one of a kind very special and different, this treatment is a must for the most extensive hydration, brightening, vitalizes in special way the firming of the skin. It is not the same as Oxygen Facials. This treatment is completely different and has great results for deep hydration, lightening pigmentation, has very good dermal relaxant benefits. And you can see and feel immediate results; oxygen is combined in the process and has toCombined together with top quality of serums, it is bringing the skin to his top condition

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Office Direction

We are located in the main aria of Beverly Hills, you can come over or call for a free evaluation Please remember that is necessary and very important to choose a licensed and insured cosmetologist that has many years of membership of The USA Society of Permanent Cosmetic Its a must to have very Professionals makeup artist that has the years of experience and great references in the permanent makeup Industry.

When you choose a permanent makeup professional and experienced, it is very important to select and chose a licensed beautician cosmetologist who is a member of The society of permanent cosmetic professionals and has 100% substantiate proven practice experience for many years, in our clinic center, we committed and dedicated to providing the at most quality care and attention to our client’s. distinguished for its exclusivity, insures our client's privacy. this is a wonderful great life changing experience. Call today for free evaluation.or you can contact us by e mail

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What is Permaenet Makeup

Permanent Make-Up Beverly Hills

Eyebrows are the most wanted technique the result is amazing any woman can achieve here dream Eyebrows.Any one that understand in beauty knows that eyebrows is what make the frame of your face, a face with if natural eyebrow hair isn't full enough, and need to work on, there is no way of shaping or threading can achieve real definition. When we work and enhance your natural brow effect it’s  an art and it’s about the proper pressure, exact color selection and great skill that developed from many years of experience. Light Eyebrows permanent makeup is the key so always you can enhance your permanent Eyebrows color and it’s not looking too much, it’s not a good idea to rush in the treatment, you need to make sure what exactly do you want and really need, great advice from us is a must we are pro in this business and we can help and provide you with free advice and support, call today or stop by we are the permanent make up and Eyebrows in Beverly hills’ and we have the knowledge.

Review -   Anna Gold  4/14/2014

I just want to thank you for the team in the permanent make-up Beverly hills, they were great and very professional, the price was fair,  and it was no hidden costs, I promise to come back and do Scar Camouflage that I need to do, its wonderful clinic with very nice people